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Bathroom renovations and remodeling can add tremendous value to your home. These types of renovation can improve your quality of life by transforming the room into a relaxing, luxurious retreat. They also offer a great return on investment when you are selling your house. Contact us for a bathroom remodeling service in Rowlett, TX.

    Remodeling Bathroom for Homeowners

    When well-done, bathroom remodeling can turn your old, worn-out bathroom into something that matches a magazine cover. If you’re tired of seeing your old, shabby bathroom every morning, it might be time to call Plumber in Rowlett for a face-lift. Since we have been around, our team has had years of experience performing bathroom renovations that exceed our customers’ expectations. That means that whether you live in Rowlett, Texas, or another community in this state, you get the bathroom you have always dreamed of.

    Our bathroom remodeling Rowlett, TX services include:

    No matter what bathroom remodels you have in mind, you can always rely on us to perform stellar work, paying careful attention to each detail. Plus, since we can work from start to finish in about five days, we will minimize disruptions to your daily life.

    Need Premium Plumbing Services?

    Re-doing the plumbing that runs through the walls and floors requires time and money to complete. Instead, you can update the appearance with new fixtures.

    Wall-hanging toilets are very popular these days. They hang directly from the wall, which means that there’s no floor or base beneath the sconce and the tank remains hidden behind the wall. Wall-hanging toilets are elegant, and they save space in small bathrooms.

    The Main Aspects of Bathroom Remodeling


    Tile is the best option for bathroom flooring. Carpet and hardwood cannot handle the moisture involved in a bathroom and will attract dirt.

    Porcelain is the best choice, either for its appearance or for its durability. Having a 0.5% water absorption rate makes it the best choice for guarding against moisture. Stone tile has an impervious surface that makes it easy to clean.

    Often, homeowners forget how versatile porcelain tile is. You can even find porcelain tile that matches the look of hardwood and stone. The colors and designs are virtually endless. You will definitely find porcelain tiles that suit your bathroom design.

    Natural stone is beautiful, but it’s highly susceptible to moisture absorption. Natural stone materials are porous, meaning that moisture can seep through and stain and discolor the floor if not properly maintained.

    Regardless of the type of natural stone you choose, it’s vitally important to have it properly sealed, as a sealant prevents moisture from entering the flooring, keeping the floor looking great.



    The same issue comes to light when it comes to countertops. You might actually consider getting a natural stone slab since you won’t need to worry about sealing the surface. Also, water can be easily wiped up from a countertop, rather than a floor.
    Granite or quartz countertops can really make a statement with their beautiful looks. There are a lot of options to choose from no matter which material you choose. It might be best to base the color scheme and design of your bathroom on your countertops!


    The fact is that there’s far more to take into consideration when it comes to showers and bathtubs. Many homeowners feel that they need bathtubs in their bathrooms despite only using them during the shower.
    Even for a master bathroom, you might want to consider getting rid of your bathtub and replace it with a glass shower. Frameless shower doors are becoming increasingly popular because they give a sense of quality and luxury to a bathroom, while also making it seem larger and less cluttered.
    When it comes to shower design, homeowners begin to abandon fiberglass bases to choose acrylic or porcelain ones. They can be installed on-site; they do not need to be transported the way fiberglass does. For shower tiling, porcelain is an excellent choice. Use large tiles for the wall, and smaller tiles for the floor — the contrast between the two will give your shower a bold look.

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    Quartz vs Granite: Which one is better?

    We offer both of these options at Plumber in Rowlett, and both are beautiful, strong, and durable. Quartz is often regarded as more cost-effective than granite for bathroom counters, as it does not require sealing, as granite must be sealed annually. Many homeowners prefer quartz to granite because it does not require constant maintenance.

    When it comes to style, quartz can be created precisely to meet your preferences. You can choose the exact pattern, texture, and color that you want. Some people prefer a controlled appearance, while others prefer a varied, unique look. We’re proud to get our quartz and granite from the best stores in Rowlett, TX.

    How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom?

    When planning a bathroom remodeling project, consider who will use the space. Consider the personal needs of the end-user, functionality and practicality, design style, and budget.
    Bathroom remodeling decisions and associated prices can become overwhelming due to the variety of fixtures and materials available. It will be important to narrow down your choices. A bathroom remodels in Rowlett, TX can typically average $15,000-$50,000 and beyond, depending on what you choose for fixture and material choices. That means you want to get it right.

    Why Choose Us

    Renovating a bathroom yourself is a difficult task. Selecting the materials is hard enough, but actually finishing the renovation is near impossible without assistance. Fortunately, Bathroom Remodeling Rowlett, TX is one of our specialties.

    Our skilled natural stone countertop installers have all the tools necessary to complete your bathroom countertop installation correctly. They’ll know how to implement precise measurements, pressures, and moisture levels. You’ll need the assistance of a professional if you want to complete a successful bathroom remodel. That’s why we are there for you 24/7 to deliver all the plumbing services in Rowlett and its neighboring areas. Contact us today!

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