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For years, we have been providing quality recovery, reconstruction, and restoration services to cities across Allen, TX. You can rely on us for fast clogged toilet repair services in Allen and Frisco 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call now! Get your free estimate today!

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    A toilet clog can be highly inconvenient and a big mess—leave it to us. At Master Plumbing at Plumber in Allen, Heating, & Cooling, we offer reliable toilet clog repair services so that toilet problems don’t have to ruin your day.

    If you live in Allen, Texas, you can contact us 24-hours a day for quick, lasting plumbing solutions. With straightforward pricing, experienced plumbers, and a satisfaction guarantee, it is no wonder that our team has won the Angie’s List Super Service Award five times.

    Common Causes of Toilet Clogs

    Knowing what causes toilet clogs might not help you much if your toilet is already overflowing, but it can help prevent issues in the future. Here are the most common causes of toilet clogs:

    • LOW-FLOW TOILETS: Some modern toilets have low-flow designs to save water. However, these toilets often don’t have enough water pressure to remove dense or large waste clumps, such as toilet paper, making them more susceptible to clogs.
    • FLUSHING NON-FLUSHABLE MATERIALS: A toilet can only reliably dispose of wastewater and toilet tissue. Flushing any other item, such as baby wipes, Q-tips, dental floss, or other hygiene products, can cause blockages.
    • BLOCKED PLUMBING VENTS: Debris, such as plant material, animal nests, and sludge, can block your toilet’s roof vent, inhibiting drain flow and causing clogs.
    • MAIN SEWER LINE BLOCKAGES OR FAILURES: A blockage in your home’s main sewer line can cause your toilet and other fixtures to back up. Causes of sewer line clogs include invasive tree roots, grease build-up, or sediment accumulation.

    At Master Plumbing at Plumber in Allen, Heating, & Cooling, we can take care of all the above to keep your toilets flowing free.

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    Signs You Need a Clogged Toilet Repair Service

    While a complete clog is easy to spot, your toilet will often give some warning signs before it stops flushing or water and waste backs up in the tank:

    • Sputtering or gurgling noises
    • Slow draining water
    • Unpleasant odors
    • Soft spots or greywater puddles in your lawn
    • Suddenly lush vegetation above your sewer line

    Blockages can form anywhere, from the toilet trap to the main sewer line outside your home. Using innovative equipment and solutions, our team will locate the clog, its cause, and resolve both.

    When to Consider Toilet Replacement

    Toilets have a pretty long functional lifespan, with many lasting for decades. Even so, there are instances where a replacement may better than repairs. Consider giving us a call for toilet replacement if you notice:

    • Recurring clogs or the frequent need for repairs.
    • Cracks in the toilet base or bowl.
    • Insufficient water pressure when flushing.
    • Hard water build-up in the toilet trap.

    We also offer quality toilet installation services for renovations and new construction projects.

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