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For years, we have been providing quality recovery, reconstruction, and restoration services to cities across Allen, TX. You can rely on us for fast garbage disposal repair, sink installation, or fixture replacement services in Allen and Frisco 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call now! Get your free estimate today!

    Garbage disposals, sinks & faucets experts are ready!

    From kitchen renovations to everyday repairs, you can count on our experienced plumbers at Master Plumbing at Plumber in Allen, Heating, & Cooling for the best possible kitchen plumbing services and rates in Allen, Texas. We offer same-day appointments 24-7 for plumbing emergencies.

    Our team has more than 34 years of experience in the plumbing industry and stays up to date on the latest technology and trends to provide reliable solutions that stand the test of time. All our services also come with upfront pricing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    Quality Kitchen Fixture Repair and Installation

    Our comprehensive kitchen plumbing services include the installation and repair of plumbing fixtures and components of all types. Whether you need a kitchen sink repair, faucet repair, garbage disposal installation, drain cleaning, or otherwise, we can help.

    We can also handle minor kitchen fixture repairs, such as replacing faulty o-rings, valve seats, washers, or disk cartridge faucets. Give us a call if you notice:

    • Water leaks from your faucet when the valve is closed.
    • Unpleasant odors coming from your sink.
    • Strange sounds coming from your pipes.
    • Standing or slow-draining water in your sink.
    • Water leaking from a faucet joint.
    • Mold-growth in any area of your kitchen.

    We’ll arrive quickly with everything we need to resolve nearly any kitchen plumbing problem on the spot.

    Allen Water Damage Restoration Services

    Do You Need Garbage Disposal Repair?

    A functioning garbage disposal allows for the safe and convenient removal of food waste without the risk of blockages forming in your drain. Signs you need a garbage disposal repair include:

    • STRANGE SOUNDS COMING FROM YOUR DISPOSAL: A grinding sound is typically a sign that there is glass or silverware lodged in your garbage disposal. Switch the unit off and schedule a repair.
    • YOU FREQUENTLY HAVE TO RESET YOUR GARBAGE DISPOSAL: The need to reset your garbage disposal once every one or two days may indicate a wiring issue or even terminal damage.
    • WATER LEAKS FROM THE GARBAGE DISPOSAL: Cracking in your garbage disposal is usually a sign that you need a replacement. Contact us for a recommendation.
    • UNPLEASANT SMELLS: Trapped food particles will cause odors. Your garbage disposal needs a thorough cleaning, repair, or replacement.

    24-Hour Clog Removal, Pipe Repair, and Kitchen Plumbing

    At Master Plumbing at Plumber in Allen, Heating, & Cooling, our kitchen plumbing services are available 24/7, including holidays. If you have a plumbing emergency, you shouldn’t have to wait until business hours—water can do a devastating amount of damage fast.

    We can help with kitchen problems of all types, such as burst pipes, overflowing sinks, drain clogs, dishwasher malfunctions, and more. You can contact us any time, day or night, and we’ll send a plumbing team to take care of the problem quickly and efficiently.

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