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    When it comes to efficiency and convenience, no hot water tank can compare to a tankless water heater. They heat water on demand, eliminating the need to waste energy keeping a tank of water warm. That’s not all they eliminate, either. Tankless water heaters also break down far less often. Tank leaks are among the most common water heater repairs we handle!

    Whether you’ve already embraced the benefits of a tankless water heater and need maintenance or are ready to make the switch, our team at Master Plumbing at Plumber in Allen, Heating, & Cooling is here to help. With three decades of experience, we offer the best tankless water heater installation, repair, and maintenance services in Allen, Texas. We also offer fast 24/7 emergency response, straightforward pricing, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

    Why Go Tankless?

    We already touched on some of the benefits of going tankless—they are energy efficient and require less frequent repairs—but there’s more to love:

    • LONGER LIFESPAN: On average, a tankless system will last about twice as long as a hot water tank.
    • COMPACT: As there’s no bulky tank, on-demand water heaters can fit where other water heaters can’t. They are perfect for small homes.
    • ENDLESS HOT WATER: Because the water is heated as you use it, you’ll never have to worry about running out of hot water again.
    • POTENTIAL FOR BETTER WATER QUALITY: If you’re not careful to keep up on tank maintenance on a conventional water heater, corrosion and sediment can affect your water quality. With a tankless system, there’s one less stop between your water source and your cup, which could mean better water quality.
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    How to Get the Most From Your On-Demand Water Heater

    While tankless water heaters experience fewer problems and need less maintenance than hot water tanks, they do still require some care:

    • Descaling to remove mineral buildup every six months to a year.
    • Flushing the system every six months to a year.
    • Cleaning the water filter.
    • Wiping down the tank regularly to remove dust and debris.

    Our experts at Master Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling are happy to handle all the above. Our tankless water heater tune-ups are designed to cover all aspects of system care. We’ll ensure that your system is always running at peak performance and that you know how to recognize common problems.


    24-Hour Tankless Water Heater Repair

    Tankless water heaters aren’t prone to problems, but like any machine, they do run into issues from time to time. Give us a call if you notice:

    • Low water pressure
    • No hot water
    • Temperature fluctuations
    • Poor temperature control (the water gets too hot)
    • Weird noises

    These issues are often tied to lack of maintenance (mineral build-up) or overuse. On the second count, it’s vital to ensure that your unit is properly sized for your household size and usage levels. If we handled the install, that’s guaranteed, but if someone else installed your unit, we can help you determine if you need a larger or additional system.

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