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For years, we have been providing quality recovery, reconstruction, and restoration services to cities across Richardson, TX. You can rely on us for fast water filtration system services in Richardson and Frisco 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call now! Get your free estimate today!

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    Tired of buying bottled water? Why not make your own? At Plumber in Richardson, Heating, & Cooling, we offer quality whole-home water filtration system installation, repair, and maintenance services in Richardson, TX, and can help you get perfectly pH-balanced, pure tap water.

    Our team has over three decades of experience and understands the unique challenges our local water supply and groundwater present. Whether you have a water purification system that’s not living up to your expectations or need a new system built from scratch, you can count on us for superior results, service, and pricing.

    What Can a Water Filtration System Do for Your Home?

    While many homeowners here in Richardson opt to install a water filtration system to improve the taste of their water or remove unwanted odors, the benefits don’t stop there. A whole-home water filtration system can also:

    • Extend the life of your pipes and plumbing appliances.
    • Improve water heater efficiency.
    • Reduce maintenance costs and the occurrence of plumbing problems.
    • Improve your skin and hair health.
    • Make washing dishes and clothes easier.

    By making your own bottled water, you’ll also save money and the planet by reducing plastic waste. The best part? There are no downsides to a properly installed water filtration system!

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    Types of Water Purification Systems

    The best water filtration system for your home will depend on the level of purity you’re hoping to achieve and the quality of your water before filtration. Here’s a brief overview of some of the most popular system types:

    • CHARCOAL FILTERS: Charcoal filters are low-cost and remove particulates and some chemicals.
    • ULTRAVIOLET WATER FILTERS: UV filters are an excellent option to remove germs, fungi, and other biological contaminants.
    • REVERSE OSMOSIS: If you want top-tier bottled water-quality results, reverse osmosis is the way to go. These systems are the only option that removes biological, particulate, and chemical contaminants.

    In many cases, it’s also possible to combine filtration types to achieve better results. We’re happy to evaluate your water and help you choose the right water purification system for your home.

    Do You Need Routine Water Filtration System Maintenance or Repairs?

    While most whole-home water filtration systems aren’t prone to breakdowns, they do require semi-annual maintenance to work at peak performance. Failure to keep the system clean and replace any filters or additives can result in a drop in water quality and system problems.

    Join our maintenance plan, the Green Club, and let us handle everything. You’ll not only enjoy three service visits a year with comprehensive inspections but also discounts on any repairs for any aspects of your plumbing system—not just your water purifier.

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