Water Leak Detection & Repair Services

For years, we have been providing quality recovery, reconstruction, and restoration services to cities across Allen, TX. You can rely on us for fast water leak detection and repair services in Allen and Frisco 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call now! Get your free estimate today!

    Water leak detection and repair EXPERTS ARE READY!

    Ignoring a water leak can lead to high utility bills, flooding, damaged walls and floors, and other problems. If you suspect you have a water pipe leak, get in touch with our expert plumbers at Master Plumbing at Plumber in Allen, Heating, & Cooling as soon as possible for fast water leak detection and repair services in Allen, Texas.

    Our team has specialized equipment to find even the smallest water leaks without damaging your home. We can fix water leaks of all sizes in any location. Here are some common trouble areas:

    • Toilets or faucets
    • Washing machine hoses
    • Water lines
    • Showers and tubs
    • Under-sink pipes
    • Water heater tanks
    • Outside hose bib

    Count on our licensed experts to provide you with lasting water leak repair that prevents the problem from recurring.

    How to Spot a Water Leak

    Give our plumbing leak repair team a call as soon as you notice signs of a leak:

    • Wet spots on the walls, floors, or ceiling.
    • Sudden rise in water bills or indoor humidity.
    • Hearing but not seeing rushing or dripping water.
    • A musty odor around your home.
    • Lush vegetation over your line.

    As a 24/7 water leak detection company, we’ll be there to help fast no matter when you call, and we’ll arrive with everything we need to fix most plumbing problems in a single visit.

    Allen Water Damage Restoration Services

    Causes of Water Pipe Leaks

    Quite a few things can cause a water leak. The most common causes of water leaks we see here in Allen include:

    • OLD PIPES: Pipes weaken as they age, increasing the risk of cracks and other damage.
    • ACCIDENTS: Landscaping or construction work in the yard may lead to accidentally puncturing a water line.
    • EXTREME WEATHER: If the water in your pipes freezes, it will expand, potentially weakening the pipe until it breaks.
    • TREE ROOTS: Trees growing over buried lines may penetrate the pipe to reach the moisture within.
    • CLOGS: Clogging can increase the water pressure inside pipes until the pipe bursts.

    Same-Day Water Leak Detection & Repair

    At Master Plumbing at Plumber in Allen, Heating, & Cooling, we are happy to provide same-day water leak detection and burst pipe repair services everywhere in Allen. We also want to save you money, which is why we recommend the following preventive measures to reduce the occurrence of water leaks:

    • Insulate your pipes against cold weather.
    • Replace pipes that are over five decades old.
    • Schedule a yearly plumbing inspection and maintenance.

    Join the Green Club, and our expert plumbers will keep your plumbing system running safely and smoothly throughout the year. Our pricing is straightforward and scheduling our award-winning services is as easy as picking up the phone.


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