3 Simple Methods for Unclogging Your Drain

A clogged or slow drain is likely to occur to anyone with a full head of hair. Drain stoppers stop hair from entering the drain, but eventually, a sink or tub stopper can become blocked.

Three easy methods are available to remove hair from your drains, including the use of a snaking tool (commercial or homemade), baking soda and vinegar, and plunging. Finally, a plumber may be called for stubborn clogs.

1. You should buy or make a snaking tool

Making your own or purchasing store-bought snakes is an excellent way to unclog your bathroom or kitchen drain when less drastic methods do not seem to work. It is possible to use wire hangers as snaking devices. Simply straighten out the wire hangers and place them down your drain, breaking up any clogging. Another method for removing a clog is to purchase a Zip-it tool. After snaking your drain, you should try flushing it with boiling water to ensure it has been effectively cleared.

2. Mix together baking soda and vinegar

While we’re not scientists, we know that mixing baking soda and vinegar results in a chemical reaction that makes simple clogs easier to clear out. You can achieve the same result by running boiling water down your drain after pouring baking soda and vinegar into it. After five minutes, douse the drain with boiling water again. 

3. Take a plunge

In case the hairball will not pass through the trap, the next best thing is to push it through. To complete this job you’ll need your favorite plunger. You should use either a cup plunger or a flat plunger to ensure that it’s sealed properly.

Make an appointment with a professional

In some cases, clogged sinks or tubs could be caused by a larger issue than a simple malfunction of the tools in the store. You may find that DIY approaches are not the most cost-effective options for your plumbing system and budget. Professional plumbers can diagnose the problem properly and fix it.

Drain cleaning service in Allen Texas

Although hair clogs are not always easy to avoid, they do not have to inconvenience you for a long time. The experts at Allen Plumbers can help you clear any blockage if you aren’t successful in clearing it on your own. Call us today to schedule an appointment at (737) 206-5665. We haven’t been able to clear a clog that we haven’t been able to clear before.

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