What You Need To Check For Leaks In Your Outdoor Hose Bibb

It is good news to hear that warmer weather is on its way, and we can hopefully move on from winter. It’s almost certain that you will need to turn your outdoor faucet (commonly known as a hose bibb) back on this month in order to start spring cleaning outside.

Some hose bibbs may have cracked because of the temperatures in the winter. In the event the problem isn’t rectified as soon as possible, water damage and the possibility of mold growth could result inside your home in addition to all the wasted water, energy, and money.

Before You Turn On Your Water, Follow These Steps

These steps will help you determine whether your hose bibb was damaged last winter:

  • Cover the opening by placing your fist over the spigot. Those with small thumbs may need to cover the whole opening.
  • Let the water run.
  • There may be a crack somewhere in a pipe and water may be leaking out, if you can hold the water in your hand or thumb.
  • Even so, it is best if you can control your breathing. It will be a lot easier if the pressure is too much.

Repair & Replacement Of Hose Bibb

It’s likely you’ll need a pro to resolve an issue with your hose bibb, either by testing it or by looking for signs of dripping. Depending on how serious the issue is, you may need to fix a specific component of the hose bibb, or you may have to replace the entire structure. In some cases, choosing between repairing or replacing the hose bibb may not be an option because the damage is too severe. Although repairing costs less, you may leave worn components in a place where they will fail again in subsequent winters.

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How To Deal With Leaking Hose Bibbs

With Plumber In Allen, we’ve seen too often what cold winters can do to outdoor faucets, and those problems may not reveal themselves until spring. Water damage can result from a cracked supply line or a leaky hose bibb, as well as an increase in your water bill.

If you suspect that you have an issue with water leaks, give us a call right away so we can do a detailed diagnosis. Even an outdoor hose faucet frost-proof can be installed, and our technician will teach you how to properly winterize your new fixture.

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