The importance of camera inspections in preventing drainage and pipe problems

A clog or leak can happen to anybody, no matter how well-maintained their home is. The majority of plumbing issues can be solved by plunging or cleaning the drain, but the more complicated ones may not be apparent until it’s too late. It is clear that sometimes professional help is required, but the good news is that plumbers have all the necessary tools to repair the problem and thoroughly inspect your plumbing.

What Camera Inspection Can Do for a Plumbing System

During a camera inspection, a plumber attaches a waterproof camera to a cable and pushes it into the plumbing allowing the plumber to see what is going on with your plumbing. Plumbers can use the video camera to take a look inside your pipes and look for potential problems while it passes through your plumbing. It is important to detect problems early since the plumbing system is complex and can lead to catastrophic outcomes. There’s nothing worse than dealing with a busted pipe or backed-up sewage, and fortunately, a camera inspection will make the process easy. Here are some other ways this can help you.

  • That’s right. This video inspection offers the advantage of being precise. Since a plumber can now see the plumbing in the living room, they can spot the problem exactly. Using a diagnostic tool is a quick, accurate way to diagnose a problem without having to waste money on costly trial and error.
  • Future problems can be avoided. An inspection with cameras will reveal much more than a stubborn blockage or leak. Plumbers may find other problems including cracks in the plumbing, rodents, and other damages.
  • It’s less labor-intensive. Plumbing providers used to dig trenches to get at the sewer lines or cut into walls to get at your pipes. Large pipes and drains are large enough for most sewer inspection cameras, but smaller drains are not suitable.

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Plumbing Camera Inspection: When It Needs One

Plumbers can be difficult to deal with. Some issues are on the surface, but you’ll need professionals to treat the clogs and leaks in your main sewer line. A plumber can help you with this when you know the signs to look for. Here are some warning signs you need to pay attention to.

  • Drainage is slow. There is a chance that your sink is blocked or several other water fixtures are not draining properly. This indicates a clog in your sewer line. You may find success with a thorough drain cleaning, but if that doesn’t work, you’ll need a plumber to clear the drain.
  • Insects. Getting pests and critters into your home can be a pain, but in the case of a sewer line crack, they may be coming from this source. It is not unusual for cockroaches to fit through even the smallest of openings, so it is essential to seal any cracks they may have.
  • Water bills go up. It’s possible that your utility bills are higher than normal because there’s a leak hidden there. We can use a camera inspection to observe the leaking area and identify the source accurately and quickly.
  • Back up of sewage. In most cases, sewage should flow down your pipes, but you should call a plumber if it goes in the wrong direction. If sewage backs up from only one drain, then it’s probably only isolated to that drain. It may be a major problem with your sewer line if sewage backs up with every flush or every time you use a sink or toilet.
  • Bad odors. The smell of sewage should not be anywhere around your home, so if it is, it could be caused by a crack in the sewer line. An inspection by the camera will reveal where the foul smell comes from in a hurry.
  • Mold. Call a plumber immediately if you smell something musty and foul. Mold is not only extremely toxic, but it also requires excessive moisture to grow. If you have mold growing in your house, the most likely cause is a leak.
  • More lush and green grass. Oftentimes, the lawn is healthy, but it could be indicative of a leak in your sewer line or septic tank. Plants thrive on raw sewage. Watch for pools of septic water that can form from a leaking sewer line in your yard.

Plumbers Should Be Proactive

Cleaning your plumbing and keeping it functioning can be a challenge, but a camera inspection can assist you. Detecting plumbing problems in their initial stages helps ensure that you don’t have to deal with costly and troublesome plumbing issues later on. It’s important not to wait until your pipes burst, but to schedule a camera inspection so you can catch the problem early.

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