6 Common types of plumbing pipes

Whenever you have a leaky pipe in your house, the first thing you wonder is, what type of pipe should I buy to replace this one? How many different types of pipes are out there? The answer to the question – Will there be any trouble regarding pipe leakage completely depends on your choice. So, choose your pipe wisely.

There are many different types of plumbing pipes out there. Some are used for residential homes, some for commercial buildings. Some of the popular types of plumbing pipes are – PEX, Copper Pipe, PVC, etc. So, do you go ahead and install any one of them? Well, no, as long as you are not sure about where to install them. Also, there are brass and galvanized piping that is used for other types of plumbing.

Let’s focus on the different types of pipes and what they’re used for in plumbing. By the way, if you need any types plumbing related help then you can contact with us. Allen plumbers are always here to help you.

PEX Pipes

Also known as Cross-linked Polyethylene, PEX pipes are one of the most common and popular pipes in the plumbing field. Generally, PEX pipes are used for the supply water system. You can easily weave it through walls or through the ceiling because of its flexibility. They can easily take the pressures of the water supply. Many plumbers like it because it comes with color codes, and it is easy to cut and join. Don’t worry about hot water, it can take both types of water very well.

Though it is a very good quality pipe, it cannot be installed outside the house. The UV rays of the sun may cause damage to the pipe and that is why, PEX pipes are generally used inside the house. Some of the plumbers say its long term durability is still untested, but despite that, it is still one of the most popular pipes for both residential and commercial water supply system.

PVC Pipes

The term PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride. It is a drain or vent line pipe that is also a very popular choice for plumbers. Galvanized steel pipes are not used anymore because PVC pipes are lighter in weight and also deliver the best quality. It may vary in thickness depending on where and for what it is being used. An important thing to note is that, there may be two different types of PVC pipes, one that is used as pressure water pipes. The other type is used as sewer water pipes. 

PVC pipes are easier to install, they glue together with solvents. Because of being relatively inexpensive, they are used more often. They are easier to handle than steel or copper pipes.

Though they are cool in joining and cutting, overcutting PVC pipes may cause leakage. So, try to make as few joins as possible. Once you join them, you cannot undo it, rather you can cut it again. Also, try to keep them as far as possible from sunlight, because clearly it degrades the quality. 

Copper Pipes

Copper pipes are often used for water supply lines in houses. It is a very popular choice for plumbers that work in residential areas. They are the most traditional plumbing pipes in the business. One reason to choose copper pipes is that they are very durable and reliable. When it comes to handling both hot and cold water, they can be really efficient. Copper wires have the least risk of having leakage and have a rather long life span. They usually tolerate heavy immense pressure. 

Generally copper pipes can be cut using a hacksaw and a special copper tube cutter. You need qualified and expert people to install and connect it. It is chosen for water supply for not having any health risks.

As said earlier, it requires expert hands to work with copper pipes. You might end up wasting pipes or doing something wrong with the installment if you do it all by yourself. Also, they are relatively more expensive than other water supply pipes.

Cast Iron Plumbing Pipes

Cast Iron Pipes were used in earlier times but they offer a great service in houses. Generally, it is used in sewer lines. It is a very good pipe until it rusts through completely. Joining and installing it is a whole different chapter as expert hands are required to install them.

Basically, cast iron pipes are good ones without the fact that they are expensive and harder to install. They can be 4 inches in size, which is the smallest. They are extremely heavy, so you must support it while you are assembling the joint.

Flexible Copper Pipe

These pipes are used for final runs to water heaters, sinks, and refrigerators. One good thing about flexible copper pipes is, they can fit in areas where you can’t even imagine to install other types of pipes. They can be easily cut using a hacksaw and can be bent so that you can save as much space as possible. 

Though they are flexible, they can tolerate a good amount of heat. But, the higher the quality, the higher the price. Don’t try to bend it too much otherwise, it may break or create a leakage. 

Galvanized Steel Plumbing Pipes

The fact that they are extremely strong doesn’t help a lot in buying Galvanized Steel Pipes. They have connecting join, each end of the pipe is threaded and screwed into one another. Generally, they are heavier than the other different types of plumbing pipes that are found on the market. That is the reason plumbers prefer it less. 

These types of pipes can have internal rusting which is a very big problem for supply water lines. The lines get clogged, so the water pressure is compromised. Internal rusts later get mixed with water so it gets discolored.

Which is the best among different types of Plumbing Pipes?

If you have read all the things given above, you already know there is no definite answer. The use of plumbing pipes totally depends on the budget, what are they being used for, and most importantly, where are they being used. If it is a do yourself job that you are trying to do in your house, you might want to go with something lightweight and that is easy to install, otherwise, book a consultation with a plumber and let him do the rest. This is a way of dealing with your daily plumbing needs. If you are having a commercial plumbing issue, don’t bother doing it yourself, consult an expert now. Plumbers in Allen are ready to help you 24 hours a day.

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