7 Important Plumbing Tips Every Homeowner Must Know

Homeowners often encounter a variety of plumbing problems. Just imagine you wake up in the morning to a lake that used to be your basement yesterday. You may think times were better back in the days when these problems were fixed by the landlord. Now that you own a home, you are responsible for fixing all these problems.

Plumbing problems are generally very tricky ones. We know its more fun to learn to install flooring or put up the kitchen back splash, but you must know how to tackle plumbing issues as a homeowner, just in case of any emergency.

Yet, plumbing problems, no matter how small, can instantly turn into big ones. You may need to add up thousands of dollars in plumbing bills just because you ignored the weird noise in the pipes or a clogged system. If you have a basic understanding of plumbing skills, you will be able to deal with them on your own, or at least know when to call your plumber. By the way, if you are from allen, then don’t be hesitate to call plumber in allen to solve your all plumbing needs even in case of emergency also.

These are a few plumbing tips that often helps owners in households.

1. Toilet Checkup

It is very common that cotton swabs, baby wipes, paper towels, and lots of other things get caught in toilet pipes that further lead to clogs. Do you own a plunger? If not, get one now. They help you deal with these kinds of situations.

Check your toilet on a regular basis. A running toilet is a sign that some of your components may need replacing. However, there are problems that are noiseless. There is a solution for that too. Use food coloring in the toilet tank to identify small leaks. If there is one, you will know by taking a look at the water in the toilet bowl.

2. Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are lifesavers. They are amazing tools to have in your home. It is true that they can’t handle everything, especially oils, grease, or fats. These oily compounds become a major headache when solidified. 

How to get rid of that? Well, run some cold water into the drain for a few seconds before running the garbage disposal. Put some ice cubes if there is any. These will keep the blades sharp.

3. Check The Water Pressure

You must be monitoring your home’s water pressure. It is such an important part of your overall plumbing system. Pick up a simple pressure gauge pretty cheaply at any hardware store near your home. 

There are home water monitoring systems available from so many manufacturers these days. Having one installed will let you check the water pressure in real-time. They also are very efficient in identifying water leaks and clogs.

4. Protect Pipes In Cold Weather

People in the United States are very familiar with frozen pipe bursts. Sometimes, these lead to a five-figure repair bill. If you live in a place that gets really cold in the winter, chances are, you are going to get your pipes winterized. For exterior pipes, it is important that they are well-protected. Your house must be well insulated as well.

Pipe bursts often occur even when people are away from their houses for a long time and the thermostats are very low. Don’t do that mistake. To save a few bucks, you don’t want to end up paying a large repair bill for plumbing.

5. Dripping Faucets

Dripping faucets can be annoying. Not only they waste a lot of water, but also a lot of money. On a yearly basis, you may be losing thousands of gallons of water. They are usually caused by a faulty component in your plumbing system. Do you have a working PRV? I bet it is the latter then.

You can make your faucet repair job your own DIY project. Just make sure the type of fixture you have. Ball faucets are the types that you find in your kitchen. In bathrooms, cartridge faucets are common. You will find a lot of tutorials on the internet. In case you can’t handle it, call us.

6. Check for Clogged Drains

You are a homeowner. At some point in your life, you are likely to get a clogged drain. Taking showers in your tub usually leaves hairs that further get stuck into the pipes. Imagine that happening for months. Now you have a clogged drain.

How to get rid of these? The best idea is to call a plumber. Don’t use cleaners on your own because these cleaners typically carry chemicals that harm your pipes. A plumber’s snake or something similar like that can pull out any debris blocking your pipes.

7. Contact Your Local Plumber Regularly

This is very important for every homeowner out there. Unless, of course, you are a plumber yourself!

A local plumber deals with problems every day. You may be having problems after a certain time period, but he keeps seeing these all the time. So, it is the experience that will help you get rid of plumbing problems.

If possible, ask your plumber for a complete home inspection once in a while. You can consult with allen plumbers if you are in Allen. We are here to help!

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