5 Common Plumbing Problems in Your Old House

The frequent plumbing problems that arise in homes over time are usually accompanied by more with older homes. Below are the five most common plumbing issues I’ve encountered when living in – or managing an older property. If you need any plumbing helps then you can call Plumber In Allen Texas

1.Galvanized pipes

The piping used in earlier-built American houses was typically galvanized pipe. Made from iron and coated in zinc, the zinc coating eroded over time and led to corrosion and breakages. The pipes can degrade to the point where they must be fully replaced, causing further symptoms to inside pipes of poor water pressure and quality.

2.Polybutylene pipes

These fittings were quite common in homes built from the late 70’s to the early 90’s, mainly because of their price advantage. However, these pipes degrade over time if they are in contact with water with high chlorine content.

3.Previous bad repairs

When you get an old house, its plumbing is effectively inherited because previous owners sometimes avoided the cost of engaging a plumber. As a consequence, poor plumbing can be found which requires the services of a professional plumber.

4.Pipe bellies

The ground below the property is rarely completely still. Over time, the earth actively shifts around, causing the pipes beneath the house to buckle or bow. These bends are known as “pipe bellies” and disrupt the flow of water, resulting in blockages.

5.Old fixtures

The number of original fixtures like faucets, valves, spigots, and handles can be a tell-tale sign of an aged structure. These things wear over time making them susceptible to leaks, odors, and escalating utility costs. The only fix is often replacing these worn-out items.

Here Is FOUR DIY Plumbing Tips

Plumbing repairs should be performed only after turning off the water.

Due to the nature of plumbing, you can expect to get wet and dirty, so make sure you are dressed properly.

Measurements are important, so make sure you have the right ones before starting your plumbing repairs. Also, ensure to have the tools you need.

Keep a plumber’s phone number handy at all times so that you can call them quickly in case of emergency.

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