Summer Plumbing Tips: 10 Important Things To Keep In Mind

In the United States, summer has exploded though, which means there will be plenty of entertaining activities. There will be numerous festivals, holiday celebrations, and beach holidays that will fill your calendar. Keeping your home plumbing system ready for scorching hot summer days is an important step to take in front of the busy season ahead.

1. Inspect your toilet for leaks and blockages.

You will find that this area of your home gets the most traffic during the summer. Do not ignore the unpleasant odors coming from drains if you see lowered pressure with your toilet flush and notice a shortage of water pressure when flushing. If you sense a shortage of water pressure, contact your plumber immediately. No one wants to have guests find out about drain backup, toilet overflows, or leaking toilets while they are at their house.

Tips for Experts: 

Make sure that everyone in the family knows the rules for toilets. Only flush toilet paper down the loo, other things can stop it up. It is extremely important that everyone knows and remembers what can be flushed. Supervise beachgoers to rinse off sand directly into public showers so as to prevent the accumulation of waste in drains. 

You might find cases like this while trying to cool off during the summer. Snakes aren’t the only ones trying to cool down during the summer!

2. Installation of a water-saving showerhead.

The summer heat will force people to seek ways to cool down, so it is no surprise that the shower will be one of the most used bathroom fixtures. Despite the fact that water bills are likely to go up, it doesn’t hurt to do something to save. 

An important tip:

The old garden tap or hose taps can be hard to turn off, so we recommend an installation of a lever tap rather than an old-style tap. If the tap leaks, you should take it to an experienced plumber rather than try to fix it yourself.

3. Check your home for leaking taps both inside and outside.

It is important to tighten loose taps right away to stop dripping water. O-rings are sometimes responsible for leaking taps. Make sure children know to always turn off the taps, particularly the outdoor ones, when they are not in use. 

Here’s a quick tip for fix:

You will not be wasting water until we arrive to fix the problem, so if your outside taps are leaking and you are not able to repair them, then connect a hose to them and turn off the hose nozzle.

4. Clean the washing machine.

Since you’ve been spending the day outside, your washing machine needs to clean up the clothes you wore all through the day. The weather shouldn’t ruin your chances of wearing your favorite swimwear and summer outfits to parties and festivals.

5. Remove all debris from your gutters.

Every now and then, summer storms can bring down large amounts of leaves and twigs that can block your gutters. Take steps to keep your catchment system as clear of debris as possible so that water does not flood your yard during rainy days.

6. Make sure you don’t waste water in the garden.

It can be hard to detect leaks in sprinklers because the leak sometimes occurs underground.  You may incur as much in water bills as you would with a leaking showerhead from a defective sprinkler. You may also kill sensitive garden plants from over-watering.

A Word of Advice:

Incorporate the importance of water conservation in your garden by choosing plants that will thrive in a drought. They are also easy to maintain.

7. Put your pool cover on and use timers.

By covering the pool with durable vinyl or solar covers, water will be retained and evaporation will be slowed down. The filter will also keep out leaves, twigs, and other undissolved substances from floating about – so you do not have to change the water.

Your old pump may also be equipped with automatic pool timers that make it run less frequently when plugged in.

8. Prepare your barbies for grilling.

In summer entertaining, many people enjoy barbecues in their yards while enjoying a cold beer under the sun. Check that the hoses that join your griller to the gas supply are not leaking. 

9. Hot water systems need to be managed.

A water heater that works during this summer season will be less effective than one during the winter months. Despite the fact that you may think you are saving energy lowering your water heater’s temperature below 60 degrees may actually create an environment for bacteria, like legionella, to grow. These bacteria can be harmful to human beings and are often fatal. If your hot water system is old, leaking, or too cold, you may need to replace it with one with high energy efficiency.

10. Schedule a sewage & stormwater system inspection.

A blocked sewer can be caused by tree roots with a hefty appetite for water or leaking sewers that allow them to seep through them. The summer weather has been volatile. During summer storms, there can be water backups if the stormwater pipes are blocked. If your sewer lines back up, you may suffer extensive damage to the foundation of your house and property inside. You should always be aware of the condition of both your sewer and stormwater pipes. 

Make sure you protect your family and property during the fun summer fun. Call Plumber In Allen if you suspect that your drains are clogged. Get an appointment with us right away. Don’t wait for a plumbing emergency.

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