What Causes My Toilet To Leak At The Base?

Does the floor around the base of the toilet have water on it? If so, that’s not a good sign. That means there’s a leak in your toilet — most likely at the base of the fixture. Instead of having your bathroom turn into a swimming pool, take out your tool belt and start repairing that leak!

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Loose Tee Bolts

Did you ever wonder why those plastic caps at the bottom of your toilet cover the tee bolts that secure your toilet firmly in place? Reposition your toilet before tightening the bolts so that the leveling and balancing is achieved, and you aren’t experiencing leaks. Replace any broken bolts in the future if you don’t want them spinning freely.

Wax Rings On Your Toilet Could Be Damaged

It has been determined that your tee bolts are in good condition and you have tried tightening them, but your toilet still leaks. The wax ring is most likely the cause and should be replaced.

  • Visit the Store – Purchase yourself a new wax ring for the toilet. As a precaution, take a picture of the toilet’s base for future reference and ask a professional at the store for assistance finding a comparable replacement.
  • The first step is to shut off the water supply to your toilet using the water valve located behind the toilet. You can then flush the toilet to remove as much standing water as you are able to. Get any leftover water from the toilet by unscrewing the nut holding the fill valve in place and catching it with a bucket. Additionally, make sure that any water has been removed from its base by plunging it for a few seconds.
  • To remove the toilet and old wax ring, unscrew the water supply line from the toilet and take the tee bolts off of the floor. This should now be a good time for you to lift and remove the toilet from its regular position. Set it gently down on its side and begin removing the old wax ring. Please make sure all leftover wax and residue is removed from the old wax ring before installing the new ring.
  • Installation of the New Wax Ring – Place your newly purchased wax ring over the flange with the tee bolts secure. With the new wax ring in place, reposition your toilet back in its usual location.
  • You should be able to reinstall your toilet. Once it is in the correct position, you can then begin to press the toilet into the wax ring, which creates the new seal. The toilet needs to be level and centered correctly, so screw the tee bolts and be sure not to over-tighten them. Closely inspect your toilet to see if there are any leaks from the new seal. Reattach your water line, turn the valve back on, and flush it.

Any leak should be addressed immediately since a toilet leak can cause mold to grow and increase water bills. Make sure that you call your local plumber to perform your toilet repairs so that they will be completed without a hitch.

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